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5 Minute Glam Nails

Quick salon look without the cost and time!

How Do These Nail Strips Work?

Easy to Apply Nails

Pick the size you need.  Peel off protective top cover and peel from backing.  Start from near cuticle and press sticker over clean nail.  Stretch over tip.  Press down on sticker for a minute.  Using a nail file, file excess off the tip of nail in a downward stroke.

Lasts Up To 10 Days

Nail stickers last up to 10 days.  You can extend that by applying a clear top coat of your favorite nail polish.  Especially the tips of your nails.  

Easy to Remove

No nail polish remover needed.  When you are ready to remove the nails just run your nails under warm/hot water for a minute.  Start pulling up from the cuticle, then rub towards the tip of the nail.  The nail sticker will peel right off. 

No worries, each order will come with complete instructions of how to best use these nail stickers.

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